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A Survey of Grey Wares on Crete in Middle and Late Bronze Age

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Additional abbreviations for individual sherds not published are supplied in the preface. This separation is somewhat confusing and demands some flipping of pages. The individual chapters are divided into several sections. There is a brief introduction that places Knossos in a historical context for each period. The nature of the available deposits is also described: for instance, for the Early Greek period Ch. The discussion of pottery comprises most of these chapters.

The material is organized by vessel function, in most cases, with the main breakdown being between "fine pottery" and "coarse and cooking pottery," although no definitions of fine and coarse are provided. Subdivisions among these treat specific shapes, sometimes in the categories of open and closed shapes. Comments on "fabric and technology" are offered in each chapter, sometimes for both fine and coarse examples. The chapters all end with a bibliography specific to that period and a list of pertinent stratified deposits.

The Early Greek pottery Ch. This section is organized chronologically from Subminoan through late Orientalizing. The bibliography at the end of this chapter presents "general works," and then has a separate listing for "special topics," which specifically addresses painting styles and trends. Both local and imported pottery are considered.

Imports from Attica supply the majority of foreign trade and some influence is seen, particularly in decorative styles.

The Ancient Minoans Aegean Empire

A table is provided that compares Attic and Knossian chronology during this period. Continuity in shapes from the Late Minoan period is seen in some vessels while other shapes are created anew. The examination of "fabric and technique" is cursory and refers the reader to chemical analysis of the material. A recognized cooking pot fabric is of particular interest.

La Société des Sciences Lettres et Arts de Pau et du Béarn

This is a red, gritty, micaceous clay that is also found in pottery from the Mirabello Bay area, although it is not certain that it was manufactured there. The use of this fabric continues into the next period as well. Chapter 2 Late Archaic and Classical is divided again into "Fine pottery" and "Coarse ware" and covers the period between ca. Attic imports are noted, as are Atticizing imitations. Potters seem to be trying to copy the black, glossy coating of Attic pots but local efforts produced a metallic and mottled result.

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Fabric comments for this pottery show no clear development in clay sources or processing methods. Chapter 3 Hellenistic concerns pottery from ca. The author notes that the Roman political and military presence in Crete for most of the last century did not significantly alter the course of its ceramic development, and the Hellenistic period is considered to include the 1st c.

This chapter is rather curiously organized. It begins with a group of vessels related by shape e. The third category is "closed vessels" but it is not clear why pouring vessels are not included here. These classifications include some pots with specialized surface treatments, including West-Slope Decoration. What can write removed from diverse close media? What, if any, are the meanings or multinationals between instance data and Wheat patients in owners of their window to or networking of day?

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