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Going for the hard core or soft core adventure travel experiences? You decide what you want! Do you enjoy heights, being suspended as much as feet above the ground, having an adrenaline rush as you soar through the air?

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If so, try zip lining near Marble Mountain in Western Newfoundland. Ski some of the great cross country ski trails all across the province.

An unspoiled island with much of Iceland's allure

Try rock climbing, especially in Western Newfoundland; get a guide and go spelunking in the Corner Brook caves! Picture calm, placid waters of a lake or river for a moment! Paddle your canoe or kayak here; enjoy the ragged coastline as you sea kayak, go white water rafting in Grand Falls. For those who like the soft adventure travel experiences, go whale watching, paddle boarding in Deer Lake, salmon fishing, geocaching, bird watching in the Codroy Valley, and, of course, nature photography!

Embark on your adventure travel with anticipation and excitement as you rock on the rock in Newfoundland and Labrador!

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motorcycle adventure best kept secret!!

Fishing and fresh seafood permeates culture here as much as a notorious cold fog whips its way through a Newfoundland village. An abundance of cod is what first brought European settlers to Newfoundland, and history books claim the fish were once so thick here you could jump from your boat and run across their backs. Sadly these historic cod fisheries — which were plentiful for almost five centuries — had dwindled to such a state that the Canadian government shut the industry down indefinitely in During the summer season — only on weekends — recreational fisherman are limited to catching five cod per day.

But be careful: they also have an initiation tradition which involves tourists coming mouth-to-mouth with one of their favourite fish. While many think John Cabot was the first to discover the island back in , it was in fact the Vikings who first set foot in the New World some years earlier.

While probably untrue, the locals are perennial storytellers and these homes, which snake their way through the city, make for spectacular photography. In Newfoundland, locals can virtually summon pods of humpback and minke whales to breach by the side of your boat with the click of their finger.

Watch in awe as their tails explode from the sea in unison like giant black fingers reaching for the sky. Iceberg hunters from Quidi Vidi Brewery now head offshore to seek out these fresh water giants in order to produce their award-winning Iceberg Lager. Ready to explore this incredible part of Canada and experience the world-famous friendliness of the locals? Jeremy Drake is an old-school adventure traveller, with a thirst for the unexplored. Follow his adventures jezdrake on Instagram.

Home Features 5 reasons why everyone should meet a local on their Newfoundland travels.

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